A Review of Resistance Bands

The purpose of resistance bands is to help you in stretching and toning your muscles, so that you become fitter &/or retain high levels of fitness. The really great thing about resistance bands is that you can use them at home, or even in a hotel room; you won’t need to go to the gym or to find a gym, if you are in a city that is unfamiliar. This is fantastic news for busy parents, who need to be able to perform their get-fit routine whenever they can fit it into their life as a Mum or Dad and it’s also fantastic news for frequent travelers.

Resistance Band2If you know which resistance band or set of resistance bands to choose and you use them in the recommended manner, resistance bands work well.

Depending on which brand of resistance bands have been bought, a workout with these cord-style or strap-style bands can be of benefit to people from many differing focus groups. An interesting example that was mentioned in an exercise resistance band review states that tube–style resistance bands can be the best type to use if you are a beginner at resistance style workouts or even if you are in a programme of physiotherapy after an injury or an illness. If you are new to this type of exercise, or are feeling in less than perfect health, resistance bands are made at resistance levels as low as two to three pounds.

For more athletic people, resistance bands offer a resistance level which can reach as high as 440lbs. These bands replicate a workout in the gymnasium with dumb-bells or kettlebells, so that for people who may perform in body-works competitions the definition of different muscle groups, such as the pectorals or the deltoids, can be easily kept up.

Resistance bands also provide the scope for exercising either the upper or lower body. They also permit you to perform a range of exercises, so that you can vary your routine. This helps you to keep things interesting and not to become stuck going through the same repetitions day after day, as well as allowing you to switch your focus to different areas. You can, for instance, swap from a routine that strengthens the core to a routine that helps you to develop lean muscle tissue in the legs and arms.

It’s important to know your own needs prior to commencing a resistance band routine, because these bands do offer so many options in style of workout, in focuses on muscle groups and in the type of resistance bands that are available. They may be single flat band or a single stretchy tube; most resistance bands can be formed into a loop for wrapping around the foot, so that your leg-lifts and arm-lifts are pushing against a band which provides extra “resistance” or strengthening power to whatever you are doing. This extra strengthening power is one of the benefits of working with resistance bands.

Another benefit of a resistance band workout is that their pressure on the joints is much gentler than a workout with hard steel in the gym, or numerous rehearsals of a tough dance routine on a hard floor. So people who suffer from arthritis are no longer excused from exercising because a resistance band workout is gentle on the joints and it works them in such a way as to actually keep them more flexible. Remember that where the joints are concerned, flexibility is strength.

Resistance bands are an inexpensive method of keeping in shape, as you will not need to outlay any money except for the initial expense of purchasing your set of durable exercise bands. Good brands will usually offer a set of three or more bands, in gradually increasing levels of resistance which are colour-coded from light colours for less resistance to darker colours for higher resistance. Some sets also include clips or hooks which allow you to attach your band to a door handle or to loop it around your foot. You may need to consider the length of the resistance band because the length of your torso, from neck to hip may be either longer or shorter than the length of your legs, or you may need enough length in your resistance band for a wider stretch.

A resistance band workout is more intense than a workout without them. This factor means that resistance bands provide an excellent method for increasing cardiac health, without the need for jogging long distances. It’s amazing that such a simple device can provide the opportunity for increasing or maintaining peak fitness while you stay in your bedroom, bathroom or motel room. Once you become accustomed to working with resistance bands, you won’t ever want to forget them when you are travelling, because these small straps can even be used while you are in mid-flight, high over the Pacific Ocean. Just stand up, move into the corridor and do some stretches or move to the on-board bathroom and carry out a five or ten minute routine. You can fold a single resistant band and carry it in your pocket.

Don’t forget to consult a doctor or physiotherapist before you design a routine for yourself, even though you are probably less likely to injure yourself using a latex resistance band for exercise than you may be at the gym, the local swimming pool or on a football field.

The choice of resistance band is ultimately yours, so know your own body and choose the band and the brand that are best suited to your own purposes. There are many reviews of resistance bands on the internet and these could be of assistance to you as you make your decision. Another thought to keep in mind is that one of the greatest of women’s tennis players in our time, uses resistance bands to keep herself in match-winning form.

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